Man of La Mancha - Auditions!

Directed by Cyn Wilkes & Jed Hansen
Music by Mitch Leigh, Lyrics by Joe Darion, Book by Dale Wasserman

Auditions June 22 at 2:00 pm - Newport Performing Arts Center

Come, engage your imagination and voice to bring to life the poignant tale and captivating music of Man of La Mancha, the beloved five-time Tony Award winner (including Best Musical). We'll troupe together within the shadowed stone of a late 16th century Spanish dungeon. Has the Inquisition imprisoned a thief, a traitor, a heretic, or perhaps simply a dreamer? What character will you play, as Cervantes weaves a masterful tale to his captive audience in a bid to save his life’s possessions?


AUDITIONS: June 22, 2 pm

Auditions will consist of performances of songs from the show—no monologue required, except for the part of Cervantes.

  • You will have a private audition and should be familiar with each song.
  • The materials are clearly marked for each part (see sidebar at right).
  • If you are interested in multiple roles, please choose only two characters for your audition.


CALL BACKS: June 22, 6 pm

If you are contacted for Call Backs:

  • You may be asked to sing and perform sides with another actor.
  • If you are not called back, that does not mean you have not been cast.


PERFORMANCES: November 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, December 1, 6, 7, 8


Most of the roles will be prisoners, who then take on the characters described by Cervantes. See below for the characters we will be casting. Some roles may be doubled based on audition response. All characters will eventually sing "The Impossible Dream" (finale), and will be assigned parts according to their vocal range. Vocal range requirements for specific roles are listed below. Questions? - please contact Cyn Wilkes at or Jed Hansen at .

Aldonza / Dulcinea Principal Ab3 - Ab5
Antonia (Alonso's niece) Principal C4 - F5
Fermina (a serving girl) Principal  
Maria (Innkeeper's wife) Principal  
Housekeeper (employee of Alonso) Principal A4 - F5
Miguel de Cervantes
Don Quixote
Alonso Quijana
Principal Bb2 - G4
Sancho Panza (the jovial manservant of Cervantes) Principal C3 - A4
Barber Principal F3 - G4
Padre Principal C3 - G4
Dr. Sanson Carrasco
(Antonia’s fiancé and Knight of the Mirrors)
Principal C3-C4
Innkeeper Principal A2 - C#3
Captain of the Inquisition Supporting  
Governor Supporting  
Duke Supporting Spoken
Four Attendants to the Knight Supporting Silent
Jose (one of 7 Muleteers) Supporting  
Tenorio (one of 7 Muleteers) Supporting  
Paco (one of 7 Muleteers) Supporting  
Juan (one of 7 Muleteers) Supporting  
Anselmo (one of 7 Muleteers) Supporting (with solo) F3 - G4 (+Falsetto)
Pedro (one of 7 Muleteers) Supporting (with solo) D3 - D4
Jorge (Muleteer guitar player) Supporting  
Gypsy Girl Dancer  
Soldiers, Guards, Gypsies Ensemble  

Preparing for Auditions

This is a musical with beautiful, magical songs—be prepared to sing! Please be ready to sing excerpts from the musical for the part(s) you are interested in. Below are selected score excerpts (PDF) and full songs (MP3) for each role which you can view online or download for personal use.

SCORE (PDF format)





Sancho Panza



Dr. Carrasco



All (Finale)


MUSIC (MP3 format)

"Man of La Mancha" (Quixote, Sancho)

"It's All the Same" (Aldonza)

"Dulcinea" (Quixote, Muleteers)

"Only Thinking of Him" (Antonia, Housekeeper, Padre, Dr. Carasco)

"I Really Like Him" (Sancho)

"Little Bird, Little Bird" (Anselmo, Pedro)

"The Barber's Song" (The Barber)

"To Each His Dulcinea" (Padre)

"The Impossible Dream" (Quixote)

"Knight of the Woeful Countenance" (Innkeeper)

"Aldonza" (Aldonza)

"A Little Gossip" (Sancho)

"The Psalm" (Padre)

"Finale" (All)