She Loves Me Not

Music and Book by Milo Graamans
Directed by Carl Miller

Milo Graamans' Original Musical

After a successful worldwide premiere weekend at the Newport Performing Arts Center and a reprise command performance in Yachats two weeks later, the cast and band of She Loves Me Not have finally wrapped their show...or have they? There is talk about "taking it on the road," although finding time for such and adventure amid 15 different personal schedules won't be easy. For now, we'll just call it a smash success, and no doubt a memorable experience for the 700+ people who attended the four-show run.

She Loves Me Not is a musical comedy, with book, music and lyrics by the Oregon Coast's own Milo Graamans. Director Carl Miller presented Milo's original work as a reader's theater musical, a stylistic first for Newport. The script features warm and witty dialogue, approachable and honest characters, and the music is filled with catchy melodies, harmonies and some surprises along the way too!



Catilin Walker Kathy Elbert
Jim Kirby Pete Theodore
Sarah Walker Gidget Manucci
Mr. Richard Walker Cris Torp
Grandma Pam Kate Sannella
Sam Rose Cynthia Wilkes
Josh Underwood Brian Haggerty
Mrs. Maggie Walker Betsy Henderson


Piano Milo Graamans
Guitar Ian Smith
Bass Kevin Kemper
Percussion Curtis Colt
Viola Nancy Steinberg


Production Staff

Director Carl Miller
Producer Wyma Rogers
Vocal Coach Akia Woods
Lighting Design Ron Miller
LIghting Tech Elizabeth Kosydar
Sound Design Justin Gleeson
Stage Mananger Cynthia Wilkes, Wyma Rogers
House Mananger Virginia West

World Premiere in Newport